Olivia Longo: Architettura Progetto Paesaggio


Olivia Longo

Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Design
tel: +39-030-3711218 / 349-7266124
fax +39-030-3711312
e-mail: olivia.longo@unibs.it

Personal web-page: http://olivia-longo-app.unibs.it

Olivia Longo
architect, PhD in Architectural Design, Associate Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at the DICATAM University of Brescia, where she teaches Architecture and Architectural Composition. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on Military and Boundary Landscapes through scientific analysis and experimental designs of the Great War and Cold War sites in northeastern Italy. Since 2015 she has been a member of Lombardy’s Commissione regionale per i beni paesaggistici. Since 1996 she has coordinated and participated in national and international scientific activities such as: coordinator of the seminar Architecture and Communication at the School of Architecture and Planning in Washington DC (2006); participant at the international exhibition Temporary Cities in Moscow (2006); coordinator of the International workshop Liquid box in Agrigento (2007). She has been a teacher and scientific responsible in Summer and Winter Schools at the University of Palermo (2007 School of Advanced Studies) and at the University of Brescia (2016 http://sschool-garda-fronts.unibs.it/, 2019 http://issre-incowanaba.unibs.it/). She taught Theories of Contemporary Architecture (1999-2004) and Laboratory of Architectural and Urban Design (2004-2010) at the University of Palermo. In 2010 she coordinated a Summer Workshop at the IUAV University in Venice. She is author of more than eighty scientific publications. She has participated in design competitions, winning awards and mentions.

Davide Sigurtà

Contract staff Architect 
tel: +39-030-9131432 / 347-6848384
fax +39-030-9131432 
e-mail: davide@architettosigurta.it

web-page: https://unibsgrandeguerra2014.wordpress.com

Davide Sigurtà architect specialized in conservation, management and valorisation of Cultural Heritage with a ten-year design and works management on Monumental and historical buildings. Graduated with a thesis on the cataloging and valorisation of the roads and artifacts in the World War I in the upper Lake Garda – Adamello. This interest continued with dissemination activities through conferences, publications and design. Member of Municipal Landscape Commissions and responsible instructor for the Municipality of Calcinato. Member of the Landscape Commission of the Lombardy Region for mountain areas. Teacher of middle and high school, since 2014 he is tutor in architectural design and restoration at the University of Brescia. Lecturer in conventions and meetings on the silk of the reuse of the landscape and micro-architecture. Writer of books on conservation of heritage sites of War Word I. Member of scientific committees of events on landscape sustainability and of permanent and temporary museum collections.